Bolsonaro: Merkel should use money to reforest Germany

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro says Germany should focus on its own environmental challenges as the far-right leader fires back at criticism of his policies.

Germany’s Environment Ministry announced on Sunday that it is cutting some 35 million euros ($39.6 million) of funding for sustainability projects in Brazil’s forests and Chancellor Angela Merkel strongly criticized Bolsonaro’s environmental policies in June.

Bolsonaro said Wednesday night that “dear Angela Merkel” should “take the money and reforest Germany,” adding that the European country needed it “a lot more than here.”

A few hours later, the Norwegian environment ministry confirmed that Norway has suspended funding to the Amazon Fund, a donation-based project that fights deforestation in Brazil’s vast rainforest.

The decision blocks the transfer of 300 million Norwegian crowns (over $33 million) in financial aid to local projects in the Amazon, the ministry said Thursday.

Critics contend Bolsonaro’s government is not committed to tackling growing deforestation in the Amazon.

Latest data from Brazil’s space research institute indicate a surge in deforestation in the Amazon in the last quarter, higher than during the same period in the previous three years.

Bolsonaro’s criticism of the data led to the firing of the federal agency’s director.

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