Frontier Airlines flight attendant adorably helps calm screaming baby



The baby was screaming and needed to be fed. Only one person on the Philippine Airlines flight was in a position to help.
Humankind, USA TODAY

A screaming baby on a plane doesn’t exactly make for the world’s greatest flight. Luckily for travelers, one Frontier Airlines flight attendant has a knack for helping little ones calm down.

In a Facebook post last week, Jamie Applegate Hunter shared photos of a flight attendant on a trip to Denver, applauding him for holding a passenger’s “screaming baby” during the flight. 

“it was PRECIOUS!!” she wrote. “It’s the feel-good story we need today.” 

The flight attendant, identified on Facebook as Joel O Paris Castro, can be seen cuddling and playing with the baby throughout the plane’s cabin.

“Days like this make being a flight attendant the most rewarding job ever,” he wrote, sharing the original Facebook post. “She was a beauty hahahah. She just wanted to explore the plane!!” 

Castro added to Fox News that the baby’s mom “looked like she could’ve used a well-deserved break.”

“I happily took the little girl from her hands and rocked her for a little while,” he said. “I’ve always thought it takes a village to raise children …  And besides, I bet my mother could’ve used a couple of breaks when I was growing up.”

In a statement on behalf of the airline, Frontier representative Zach Kramer told USA TODAY: “Frontier is known for being a family-friendly airline and we love that our team goes above and beyond to ensure everyone, including our littlest passengers, has an enjoyable flight.”

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