Kevin Bacon recalls his unusual TSA violation


The TSA’s official Instagram account showcased the strange items they found throughout the year.
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Kevin Bacon‘s travel snack of choice? Not TSA approved. 

The actor and musician, 61, chronicled a recent run-in with a TSA agent after something seemingly suspicious was found in his suitcase on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday. 

“I was on my way to LA, and I knew I was going to be arriving in five hours, and I knew that in about 7-and-a-half hours I was going to be hungry,” Bacon recalled. After sharing a photo of the experience, he and Fallon took a while debating if the food item in question was a sweet potato or a yam, ultimately landing on the former. 

“So I saw a nice sweet potato sitting there ready to go, and I just threw it in my suitcase. And, of course, TSA flagged it.” 

In the July 5 Instagram post, Bacon thanked “the hardworking folks at #TSA for keeping us safe,” noting he doesn’t blame them for wanting to search his bag after seeing the unusual object show up on a scanner. 

“I love the TSA, I think they do a great job,” he added to Fallon. “They’ve got a job where everyone is pissed off and nervous – such a tough gig… But I’m telling you, as soon as the guy called me over… I was like, ‘I think it’s my sweet potato.'” 

“So, you got busted. I love that Kevin Bacon just travels with a yam,” Fallon said.

“Listen, I yam what I yam,” Bacon joked. 

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