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Why leaders like Elizabeth Holmes may make risky choices Video

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Transcript for Why leaders like Elizabeth Holmes may make risky choices

In an unclear situation. If there’s some of his charismatic. I can tell us a story give us a narrative that helps us with uncertainty. We’re gonna accept that. We’re except that sometimes when their significant. Holes in the data. Doctor Jonathan Ater is a clinical and performance psychologist. He hasn’t met Elizabeth Holmes. But he coaches CEOs and high flyers he says this group think especially in the face of a charismatic leader who is part of our DNA. And it’s precisely those kind of leaders you could be particularly susceptible to crossing the line. You really have to be the kind of person that’s gonna ignore things that other people don’t north. That lack of self awareness or self questioning can actually propel them. Help them to get past things that made some others but it’s really dangerous because you don’t see that things that you’re doing. As a leader that are perhaps putting other people in jeopardy.

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{“id”:61686578,”title”:”Why leaders like Elizabeth Holmes may make risky choices”,”duration”:”0:58″,”description”:”Psychologist Dr. Jonathan Fader says some charismatic leaders may make risky decisions: “You fail to see the things that you’re doing as a leader that are, perhaps, putting other people in jeopardy.””,”url”:”/2020/video/leaders-elizabeth-holmes-make-risky-choices-61686578″,”section”:”2020″,”mediaType”:”default”}

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