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of the national weather service. This weather report is sponsored by pronamel. Hope about the balloons. I was worried he was going to be dragged up into the sky and swirled around in the storm. I think we were all worried. Great to have you with us. Thank you. Of course you’re on the show “For the people” which has a new season out. Yep. You play a public defender. I play the federal public defender of New York for the southern district. So you’re kind of on the opposite side of Paul giamatti’s That’s right. We’re getting those guys. Representing the folks who can’t really afford a defense attorney. Right, right. What’s that like? Being in charge, being the boss. Yeah. It’s good. I tell my husband and children, do what I tell you and everything is going to be fine. I like to boss people around at this point. Yeah. Feels good. I like when women are in charge. We all like that and, you know, listen, there’s no question who — It’s time. It’s time. No question who is in charge in my house and been that way since the dinning. That’s how it should be. Yes, ma’am, I’ll do that, no problem. We want to — it’s Thursday so we want to have a little throwback. You posted something on Twitter a few years back and this is if you can see — My first head shots. I mean — So you’re 17. Look at that glam. What’s going on? I was 17. I got those glasses at the dime store in town and I thought that was going to do it for me. The bathing suit. If you want to be a serious actor, that’s a great way to — You have certainly accomplished something here and your daughter is approaching that age. What do you think she would say of that picture and of the show. They love the show. Shonda land fans and “Grey’s anatomy.” The show is funny and lots of young people falling in love and trying to figure out their lives and they love it. What can we expect this season from the show? Cases very much kind of ripped from what’s going on in our country right now. Immigration, kids getting separated from their parents. You know, voter suppression, cases argued in the biggest court other than the supreme court and you’re going to see what goes on behind the scenes. I love it. Keeping it topical and everybody likes a good legal drama. Hope Davis, thanks so much. “For the people” airs tonight at 10:00 P.M. On ABC and every Thursday night.

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