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9-year-old who helped cashier in checkout line gets a TV surprise Video

Transcript for 9-year-old who helped cashier in checkout line gets a TV surprise

Finally tonight, here, “America strong.” Lily is back. You first met 9-year-old lily right here Tuesday night. You and Isaac here. You’re a good team. Amazing. Reporter: The young man working the checkout, noticed she was watching intently. He asked her if she wanted to help. Lily has special needs. And her mother tells us, she rarely interacts with others like this. There you go. Reporter: Each item, one-by-one. You’re so good at this. Here, mom. Reporter: In the middle of it all, lily proclaiming to that young man, this — I just love it. I love you. Reporter: And her mom loves Isaac, too. You did the whole job. How do you feel, lily? Good. Reporter: A smile from lily and from us. This is how we said good night, Tuesday. She loves the check-out guy and we love lily. Well, it turns out, lily was watching. Hi, lily. Hi. Did you like that video? Yes. Did you hear that man? He said, and we love lily. Do you want to go meet him? Yes. Reporter: And lily’s mom, with a suggestion. Maybe you can give him a hug. Okay. Reporter: We talked to lily’s mom today. She’s coming for a visit. We’ll keep you posted on the hug. Good night. ??? No hormones! ???

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