Toyota unveils an SUV for the moon Video

  • Now Playing: New space discovery has astronomers buzzing

  • Now Playing: Uber partners with Toyota to build self-driving cars

  • Now Playing: Toyota unveils an SUV for the moon

  • Now Playing: Largest college admission scandal in US history busted

  • Now Playing: A look at celebrities and privilege in college admission scandal

  • Now Playing: Boeing faces pressure to ground 737 Max 8 jets

  • Now Playing: ‘The Bachelor’ season finale

  • Now Playing: Rock thrown from overpass kills a young mother

  • Now Playing: Pelosi says Trump is “not worth” impeaching

  • Now Playing: Investigators are analyzing Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302’s black boxes

  • Now Playing: High school senior accepted to 41 colleges

  • Now Playing: Taco Tuesday: easy at-home recipe

  • Now Playing: A look back at the Austin, Texas, bombings

  • Now Playing: ‘The Bachelor’: Week 9

  • Now Playing: Everything you need to know about CBD

  • Now Playing: Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 plane crashes, killing 157

  • Now Playing: American Idol auditions wow judges

  • Now Playing: Trump declines House committee request

  • Now Playing: Outrage grows over Sacramento police shooting

  • Now Playing: Jenner named youngest ‘self-made’ billionaire

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