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And the tornado outbreak here was part of that same system that brought dangerous driving to the northeast. Closing schools, grounding 1,000 and sending a passenger jet veering off the runway during its second attempt to land today. Here’s ABC’s senior transportation correspondent David Kerley tonight. Reporter: All that heavy snow, too much for a united jet, sliding off a Maine runway, just before noon. Part of its landing gear breaking off and ending up near an engine. A united express pilot and three passengers flying from Newark were treated for injuries at presque isle. The airline says it is trying to learn more about why the 50-seat regional jet severely veered to the right. More than a foot of snow in the northeast. It’s the biggest storm of the year for Boston, bringing the city closer to the normal snowfall totals for the season in just one day. A day to dig out and restore power. 110 million hit hard. It’s thick, it’s heavy, so, I take breaks, don’t push yourself. Reporter: To the south, icy, snowy roads proving treacherous, too. Just slipping and sliding. I did a 360. That was it. That was it for me. Reporter: North of Philadelphia, two teens killed when they car veered off the road. That storm resulted in 1,000 flights being canceled. That rippled through the entire system. As far as that united jet, two NTSB investigators are headed to the scene to join the FAA in trying to figure out why it slid off the runway. David? Did Kerley with us tonight. David, thank you.

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