A cascade of snow falls from rooftop Video

  • Now Playing: A cascade of snow falls from rooftop

  • Now Playing: Huge gator stops traffic in retirement community

  • Now Playing: Deer use crosswalk to reach the other side of the street

  • Now Playing: Fire department shows what happens when you park in front of a hydrant

  • Now Playing: Barber offers world leaders’ hairstyles for free

  • Now Playing: Lyft passenger’s high-speed ride caught on tape

  • Now Playing: Dog owner steps in as hawk attacks her dog

  • Now Playing: Grumpy koala growls outside cat door

  • Now Playing: Massive bison charges toward tour group in Yellowstone

  • Now Playing: Police officer on sled chases kids down icy road

  • Now Playing: Leopard strays into a residential area and injures at least four people

  • Now Playing: Planes struggle against crosswinds at airport

  • Now Playing: Cyclists bike on snow in four-day race in Swiss Alps

  • Now Playing: Firefighters hit the ice in full gear

  • Now Playing: Wily coyote crashes boat show, caught and released

  • Now Playing: Playful pup can’t get enough of the snow

  • Now Playing: River of chocolate blocks traffic on highway after tanker overturns: Authorities

  • Now Playing: Surfer, dolphins ride together off California coast

  • Now Playing: Polar bear mom cuddles her cub

  • Now Playing: Moose on the loose wanders into Alaska hospital

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