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Back now with the wild shootout that happened right in front of a news crew and right next to an elementary school. What we’re now learning about the suspect in custody. Here’s ABC’s Stephanie Ramos. Reporter: Tonight, charges filed against this man — 26-year-old Dylan Ruffin, accused of shooting at police in mission, Kansas, just as kids were being dismissed from a school directly across the street. There was a report of gunshots heard from east of highlands elementary school. Reporter: Police called to the area around 1:30 Friday after school employees noticed bullet holes on the exterior wall of the school, and the windows blown out of this parked van. Children rushed inside the school. Two hours later, as police are investigating at the school, they receive 911 calls from a house just a few feet away. A mother saying her son Dylan has a gun and is shooting randomly. It looks like there was a wall that maybe he was shooting at, and the bullets — basically they travel. So, and it looked like they landed and hit the school. Reporter: And that’s when Ruffin steps out of the house, and police say, starts shooting at them. Some parents picking up their kids from school, taking cover themselves. Police firing back, shooting the suspect multiple times before they’re able to detain him. The police department did what they were supposed to do to protect our kids. So I feel very grateful. Reporter: Ruffin has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault on police and for allegedly shooting at the school. No comment yet from his family Tom? Stephanie, thank you.

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