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The bad romance between lady gaga and Madonna maying looking better. Some signs the two have ended their feud. Erielle reshef here with us. Hey, you did finally rest easy. It is the photo that set the internet on fire posing with the newly minted Oscar winner. The icy relationship appearing to thaw after nearly a decade of disharmony. This “Time” mall photo posted at Madonna’s post-oscar party signaling a possible end to the purported feud between two queens of pop. Both in a cozy embrace, magge tweeting the caption don’t mess with Italian girls. I think they both realized independent of each other that it was going to be for both of their benefits to pose in this photograph and look like they’re smiling. Reporter: Gaga fresh off that steamy performance with co-star Bradley cooper. Still glowing from her win for best original song. It’s about how many times you stand up and are brave and keeping gun, thank you. Reporter: Clutched her gilded statue smiling as Madonna cups her face. The rift between the songstresses reportedly reaching fever pitch with the 2011 release of lady gaga’s chart topping hit “Born this way.” ??? I was born this way ??? Reporter: Madonna famously musing it sounded similar to her 1989 anthem “Express your yourself.” It feels reductive. Reporter: Gaga talking about that five years laettner her Netflix documentary. She wouldn’t look me in the eye and tell me that I was reductive. Telling me that you think I’m a piece of Through the media. Reporter: But now it appears the pair may have buried the hatchet in favor of happier that is good to hear and as for that buzz about gaga’s intimate oscars performance with Bradley cooper, a lot talking about it she posted this photo on Instagram overnight appearing to shut down the rumors that the two may have a secret romance writing nothing could be more special than sharing this moment at the oscars with a true friend and artistic genius. Emphasis on friend. Erielle, thanks very much. Coming up, Scott Foley here live with a new show.

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