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4 long-lost sisters reconnect live on ‘GMA’ Video

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leading to a remarkable discovery for four women learning their similar looks were far more than just a coincidence. They’re going to join us live in a moment. But first here’s their story. This is the photo nearly 50 years in the making and in the 1960s in Seattle, Washington, twins Rochelle dyer and kristelle Harrington grew up happy and healthy. Adopted by loving parents when their birth mother couldn’t take care of them. Across the country in Virginia Beach, sisters Lisa Vann and Shannon Nicoll were born a few years after those twins and never suspected their family might be bigger than they thought. In 2004, in perhaps a divine twist of fate Rochelle moved to Virginia Beach herself bizarrely enough becoming friends with womenly who knew Shannon, everyone commenting on how the two looked alike. Shannon and Rochelle meeting once posing for this photo together at a Kenny Chesney concert but never thinking their similars may be anything but a coincidence until last year when Rochelle took an test to look into her ethnicity and discovered DNA matches and made contact with a first cousin named Tracy who gives her shocking but amazing news. She and her sister kristelle have two half-sisters which brings us to this photo, the four meeting for the first time just 11 days ago. Rochelle, kristelle and Lisa are joining us now Ainge you know what I love, you were grashing the tissues already. Getting ready to let it go. And as we heard, you both grew up in Seattle. And Lisa and Shannon, you grew up in Virginia Beach. Yes. Where Rochelle, you now live. Yes. In Virginia Beach and after all these years, there’s no way you saw this coming. Oh, no. Never. Definitely not. Never in a million years. Even when they said we looked alike, I just thought, you know, everybody has a twin out there so — Well, you do. You actually do. Lisa and I had no idea at all that our mother had even given birth to twins in the past. And they knew that they were adopted all these years so for us it was pretty mind-blowing so wouldn’t even have crossed our minds we were sisters. We knew we probably had siblings somewhere. You met less than two weeks ago, all four of you together so how was that first initial meeting with all four. Amazing. Amazing. Like this. Like we’re together. Yeah. Now we haven’t skipped a beat. What similars do you notice? Our laughs. Our laugh — our kids — my kids when we were at dinner and Rochelle and I started laughing they both like put their hands over their mouths and were looking at each other and like everybody thinks everybody looks like somebody but she looks so much like my mom so when I see her it makes me think of her. Go ahead. I’m sorry. Her kids stared at me the whole time we were at dinner. Now he. They couldn’t believe how much I looked like their grandmother and their mom and sadly she passed away a year and a half ago so we didn’t get to meet her. She never had a chance to see this reunion. Well, she sees us. Without a doubt. Yeah. I know Shannon and Rochelle, you two met ten years ago. A friend said, oh, you look alike and going to the Kenny Chesney concert and took that picture we saw in the piece. What goes through your mind now owing that you were sisters and didn’t know it back then. I mean, we would have done things a little bit different. It explains so much. It explains a lot. The crazy thing was that the two friends that kept telling her we looked alike were my childhood best friends. And I grew up across the — Lisa and I grew up across the street from them and did the student teaching at the school she teaches. And, she just got remarried this summer where in Washington state where I live and — The best friends were there and were liking all the photos on Facebook. What a pretty bride. They were liking them, oh, isn’t that a pretty wedding. Pretty bride. What a pretty bride. Right? Even though you guys you really have all just been together all four of you within the last two weeks, you can tell there is love here but, you know, a lot of emotions come with this but seems like complete love. We’ve known each other forever. Last night we were at dinner and started laughing. I just looked at everyone, I said three weeks ago we didn’t even know you existed. We didn’t know you and now look at us. You’re lucky to get a word in edgewise. I kind of like it. Makes my job easy. I just sit here and let you go. So where do you go from here? What’s in the future because you have kids and, you know, a lot of familiarity to bring together. Holiday is different. With — for us with losing mom recently, she was Thanksgiving. She was Christmas. She was all those things and made it everything so there’s been that void there but now we feel like we have a piece of her. I may need a tissue in a second. You keep this up. Yeah. It’sard with one of us being so far away. And we have our family that we grew up with, you know, and we have two younger brothers and — Which is such a great part of the story because to know that they had a good life. Oh, we did. It is a great story. Great to have the four of you here. We wish you continued love and everything for your family if thank you. Thank you for sharing it with

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