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Transcript for Trump leaves today for second summit with Kim Jong Un

We turn now to Washington where president trump lease for Vietnam today for a second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jung Hoon the president saying he has a quote special feeling about this summit. Overnight we learn more about the expectations in the history that could be made ABCs of Mona Kos are probably has the latest from Washington good morning Mona. Good morning Kenneth president trump has been touting his relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jung leading up to this summit. Even saying that the country could be a great economic power they did just gave up its nuclear weapons. The stakes are high but expectations low ahead of president drums meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. We’re going to have. I think a very interest in two and a half days. In Vietnam. This historic summit the second in less than a year between the two leaders which is once again expected to center around. North Korea giving up its nuclear weapons and peace in the Korean Peninsula. I think it’s gonna lead to something very good and maybe not. Ahead of this second summit in Hanoi Vietnam president trump striking a more realistic tone. Tweeting that the two leaders quote expect a continuation of progress then simply adding the word denuclearization. With a question mark. As long as there’s no testing. We’re happy. The US intelligence officials have said they believed that it is unlikely North Korea would give up its weapons completely its leaders ultimately view. Nuclear weapons as critical to regime survival yet former US ambassador to the UN Bill Richardson says without steps to denuclearization. This meetings means nothing. I don’t believe it would be a successful summit unless you had. Some kind of commitment on North Korea’s part on denuclearization. Dismantling. Inspections for missiles and nuclear detonations. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer also calling for a concrete plan tweeting act trump quote. Execute a serious diplomatic plan that can lead to full denuclearization. For north. Korea. And South Korean officials hope that this will lead to a declaration of the end of the Korean War. But Kenneth and Stephanie experts warn what that could mean for the U west with out a denuclearization. Plan. All right on and see if anything comes out of this meeting thank you so much.

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{“id”:61294851,”title”:”Trump leaves today for second summit with Kim Jong Un”,”duration”:”2:16″,”description”:”The talks will center around North Korea giving up its nuclear weapons, but U.S. Intelligence officials believe it’s “unlikely.””,”url”:”/International/video/trump-leaves-today-summit-kim-jong-61294851″,”section”:”International”,”mediaType”:”default”}

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