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Let’s get back to the action. All of the winners just so genuine last night. Celebrating each other and their fellow nominees. This was an Oscar of historic firsts and barriers broken. Hannah beekler. Ruth Carter! Reporter: And just like that, history was made. Hannah beekler and Ruth Carter becoming the first black winners in their category. For best production design and best costumes. Regina king weighing in. You saw Ruth. You saw Hannah. Two historic wins. Two historic wins. And this. What does this all mean to you? Oh, man this is the — one of the most reflective academy awards ceremonies ever. You know, when you look at the nominations. So sh to receive this during this ceremony is priceless. This San historic moment. Everybody is acknowledging it. How does that feel to you? I feel like what I love about it is, it’s — I want all the young women of color and girls of color to be able to now stand on my shoulders. Because I have stood on so many shoulders of all the women that came before me. I give the strength to all of those who come next to keep going. To never give up. When Hannah got up there and said what she said. She’s right. It’s all of us together working on a story. Building a world that has never been seen before. Reporter: And spike Lee telling us he’s ready to party. How will you and your beautiful wife celebrate tonight? We’ll be popping some bottles. Go to several parties. Obviously, GOP governor’s ball for a quickie? Right. Vanity fair? Yes. Jay Z and Beyonce. We’ll end up there. I know you have one. You have the honorary one. Two-time winner mahershala Ali talking about the friendship in his movie, “Green book.” I think people seeing didn’t characters that technically should not be friends come together and are able to have a wonderful friendship and relationship. I think that resonates with people because you are seeing how just being in close proximity with another person how that begins to break down the stereotypes. And people begin to drop their guard and see the other person. Reporter: He fit in a quick snack break of trail mix, courtesy of his lovely wife. This is what you give an Oscar winner? Olivia Kol map now finally able to recover after a very rewarding and surprising awards season. I don’t remember any of it. It’s a blur. Sort of terrifying. Your speech was amazing. Do you remember yelling out to gaga at the end? No. You took a moment to acknowledge Glenn close. Well — it’s a good place, isn’t it? It was very sweet. Oh, she’s amazing. You almost apologized for winning. Well, yeah, it should have been her. And man of the hour, rami Malek taking it all in. People say this could happen I don’t think it H. I’m going to treat it as such. Making sure his agent’s mom gets a shoutout. And his mother is named sherry. And she loves you. And she loves you show. I have to give her a shoutout. Sherry? I love that. Thank you. What would you say to little bubba rami about tonight? Oh, man. I was a shy kid. I knew something was going on in the back of my head where I created characters and didn’t know what I was going to make of it. Whether it was going to take me down a dark hole or perhaps lead me to something special. Never did I ever think it would be something as special adds this. Finally, Regina king reflecting on the road she’s traveled to get this far. I would like you to look at this picture. What would you say to this little girl about this moment? Oh, man. I would just say continue to smile. Continue to dream. And even when you don’t feel like smiling, there’s so many people out there smiling for you. Yeah. I mean — yeah. Look at you now. Look at me now. And I got so much more to do. Yes, you do. So much more to do. And I can’t wait to see it. I mean, it was so amazing back there. It was like truth serum. Even just really sharing. Olivia Colman was beside herself when I asked where she would keep her Oscar. She said, in bed with me, between me and my husband. She said he didn’t know that yet. But was pretty sure he wouldn’t mind. I’m pretty sure he didn’t mind one bit. Guys, back to you in New York. That was — that was just an incredibly special moment for Regina. She is just getting started. She’s directing now and doing other things. How cool was T it, “Captain America” Chris Evans helped her. How cool was that? Captain America. No, no, no, no. Captain America. Chivalry. Of course.

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