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And now to patriots owner Robert Kraft. He was in Hollywood over the weekend while he faces prostitution-related charges. Police in Florida could issue a war rapt for his arrest as early as today. Paula Faris is here with more. Reporter: Good morning. In the aftermath of this massive sex sting, 12 businesses have been shut down. 200 Ares have been made. Up next, Robert Kraft. The war rapt for his arrest expected as soon as today. Despite his imminent arrest, Robert Kraft was caught on this video from TMZ leaving a pre-oscars party in California. Mr. Kraft, do you have a message to your fans? Reporter: His first public appearance since being accused of participating in prostitution in Florida. I would say yes. Reporter: The sweeping sex sting involves over 200 other men. They found an operation involving Asian women being used as sex workers. Our concern in this investigation centers around our possibility of victims of human trafficking. Reporter: Police also said that Kraft was involved in two Independence departments of soliciting prostitution. The most recent one, allegedly taking place just weekses before the super bowl. The question was, does the video contain Mr. Kraft inside receiving the alleged acts? The answer to that is yes. P Reporter: Raft’s spokesperson maintains that we categorically deny that Mr. Kraften gauged in any illegal agent tyty. The NFL says they’ll continue to monitor developments. As for Kraft, he could see jail time. The charges carry a maximum of 60 days. He’s most likely looking at a $500 fine. A new twist in the jussie

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