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Dangerous tornadoes rip through the South Video

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Oscar. We turn from HOL hiwood to the morning’s other top headlines. We start with the weather. Tornadoes tearing through the south. More than 90 million people bracing for strong wins. Marcus Moore is in Mississippi. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. We’re inside what is left of a battered and twisted church look at the destruction here. This tornado with winds upwards of 130 miles an hour destroyed this building. And so many others here. This morning, a massive cleanup after deadly tornadoes roared through parts of the south. All units, take cover. All units, take cover. I have a tornado funnel reported. Reporter: In Mississippi, the storm ripping trees out of the now scattered atop the remains of homes. Miles and Mims. Destroyed homes an businesses littering the streets. Wide spread flooding engulfing streets, neighborhoods, backyards. This massive sinkhole swallowing an entire car. They’re pulling my car out of a sinkhole. Oh, my word. Reporter: A mother was driving with her two young sons when their car fell in. Leaving them trapped in the hole. We’re climbing up to the road. I said, you have to climb up the window. I’m going to pass Keegan to you through the window. Reporter: It’s an astonishing scene here. The work to clear debris and restore power will continue today. Michael? Thank you, Marcus. Those fierce winds are on the move. Hitting the northeast this morning. Ginger is tracking all of that. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. We’re in a high wind warning here, to North Carolina, to Maine. I think it will impact flights. Look what it did in Buffalo, new York. Took out that roof. Ripped it off. Gusts close to 75 miles per hour there. The trees down around 60 in the semithat was tipped over. Today, we’ll do it again. This afternoon, we peek in the 50s, I would check those flights, George. This is gone by tomorrow. Thank you, ginger. To Washington, where

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