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Welcome back to “Gma.” Yes, queen. Queen rocked the oscars opening number last night. And we’re here celebrating our oscars afterparty. And — our audience, they look good. Don’t they look good? Everybody looks good in here today. We’re going to talk fashion. We’re going to break down the looks. Our guests. Joe zee. Bevy live. You say it’s all about taking you were there. Queen opened the show. For me, the queen of the nilgt was Regina king. Yes. She has really upped her fashion game all season. That Oscar de la Renta dress was so clean and so crisp. The one criteria she had was she wanted to look back at this night, her first Oscar nomination and not be dated. She wanted a dress that would be classic 20 years later. Good move. Great look. She won for “If beale veet could talk.” It was James Baldwin’s creation. Who else crushed it? Powerful in pink, miss Gemma Chan. This Valentino look is not something you don’t traditionally see because it’s covered up. We see this high, gorgeous ruffle. It’s a fist kated look. I love that it’s cherry blossom we first saw this coming down the runway. We saw tree Ellis Ross do her own version of it. I love it. It’s so new, fresh, innovative. Doesn’t look like anyone else. Pink was a big color. Cindi, my girl, how about Glenn close? She dressed like the 71-year-old superhero she is. A great gold dress with a cape, no less. There were rules of if you were a woman of a certain way, you had to dress in a boringly respectable mother of the bride way. She was like, huh uh. By the way, that dress, which is a Carolina Herrera dress weighs 42 pounds. It’s 4 million beads. I’m exhausted thinking about that. A workout just to get down the red carpet. We saw a hot of pink. Pink was the color of the night. Who ended it better than the whole evening than Julia Roberts in that Elie Saab gown. We saw all shades. From a pale pink on Kacey Musgraves to Helen mirren. We’re looking at women from their 30s to their 70s. Pink is usually frilly and feminine and delicate. In the early 1900s, pink was a color for boys. Oh. And this oscars showed us pink can be very powerful and sexy and bold. As well. A history lesson over here. We loved hearing what Billy porter said about what he was wearing. He was spot on with what he said. Another trend. Gender-bending fashion. He looked gorgeous in this Christian Siriano tuxedo/gown moment. Look at that nipped waist, darling. The best thing about Billy. East been doing this, pushing the envelope the entire awards season. He wants to make us question what is feminine? What is masculine? And lots of women made us question that, as well. Let look at who we have up? Elsie fisher. A Tom brown three-piece suit. A front bag. Melissa Mccarthy. A Brandon Maxwell. I love it. Business on the bottom. The extravaganza on the top. And then the cape. And the cape. Diane Warren. She’s a rock ‘N’ roll chick. She had to do the edgy. Lots of sparkle. Lots of fun. Frivolity going on with the accessories. Who is hat other one? Chadwick? Oh, Chadwick Boseman. Let’s talk about the fact that he wore a sequined Tix seed doe jacket with a train. Normally reserved for women. He did it. You have to say papt suits on women have been a big trend this entire awards season. The fact that Billy porter showed up in that tuxedo gown is ground breaking. It’s a first. This is ground breaking. What about y’all? We didn’t need us. You said it was an adventurous red carpet. People had fun with accessories. Totally. It wassed a veng rouse in general. The death of fear. Celebrities were worried about wearing the wrong thing. Now we’re seeing confidence. Diane Warren was nominated for writing the shong from “Rbg.” She had an action figure. Awkwafina continued to steal the Harts and minds of people. Carrying a tequila flask as a and drinking out of it on the red carpet. And spike Lee did a full-on tribute. And gold Jordans that Michael Jordan commissioned for him. And he had his tailor make the pants high waters. I haven’t heard the phrase tie high waters in a long time. We called them ankle whippers. How about lady gaga? Oh, my gosh. I already — somebody reamed me on Twitter for talking about her too much. She’s been a fashion force this entire season. I have to say. This are two classes of dressing for oscars. The type that go oaf the top. It’s the climax of the SP. And then you have the classic dresser. You thought she would show up and be really crazy. In the end, she toned it down. A very chic and fashionable dress by Alexander Mcqueen. She toned it down. But that Tiffany necklace. Whoo! Can’t take my eyes off that. Oh, my. 128 karats. And 62 other diamonds, as well. Audrey Hepburn. You are our power houses. You are. You’re our gagas. 5,000 karats right here. Thank you three for being here. Joe, thank you for staying up, man. All night coming kroz-country to

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