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Let’s turn to the best actor category. It’s another race that could be hard to predict. Most are saying it’s between rami Malek and Christian bale. Here’s a look. Christian bale transformed into Dick Cheney in “Vice.” I sense that you’re a leader and you make decisions based on instinct. Bradley cooper Seering performance in “A star is born.” Listen to what you’re saying. Listen to what you just said. I know. Stop right there. I can’t — Hey, take it in. Williams Dafoe in Vincent van Gough’s later years. Calm down. I don’t want to calm down. The faster I paint the better I feel. Rami Malek earns his first nomination for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian rhapsody.” ??? Mama just killed a man ??? ??? put a gun against his head pulled my trigger now he’s dead ??? Viggo Mortensen brings to life a gruf bronx native in “Green book.” My wife bought your record with a couple orphans on the cover. On the face it shapes up as pretty competitive. So far rami Malek has won accolade after accolade. We spoke with Malek after he won for best actor at the screen actor guild award. I lived in a two-bedroom apartment with my mom, dad and brother. I would sleep on the couch and wake up early and stuff envelopes with my head shot in it and try to get them to any agent. Finally someone reached out and asked me who was my agent. I said I’m representing myself at the moment. The golden globe goes to rami Malek. Rami Malek. “Bohemian rhapsody,” rami Malek. When you stood up there and looked at all these actors cheering for you, what goes through your heart after a past like that? You never imagine that you’re going to be accounted among such extraordinary, gifted actors. That’s just something I watched as a kid and thought I would be just happy to get a job. I wanted to learn how they carried themselves on set and as much as I wanted to learn my lines, I wanted to learn how to be a kind, generous, humble human being. What did your mother say to you after you won? She’s about to say it all right now. It’s tough to tell a mom you want to be an actor. They wanted us as kids to live the American dream and be doctors and lawyers. The second I said I might do something that’s a little bit abnormal. It took a while for her to be able to sit with that. She’s very proud at the moment. I’ll say that. An amazing journey. Now we have a two-person race. Who is it going to be Malek or bale? I thought Christian bale was entering streak category. I thought his performance would ensure he won best actor. It hasn’t happened. Rami Malek is the favorite. How did that happen? The moment Malek won the S.A.G. Award, he is clearly the front runner. Somebody playing Freddie Mercury is hard to beat. It’s a character that people are fascinated with. He does a beautiful job. Bradley cooper, he directed, he learned to sing, but not a lot of love for him. I don’t know that there’s not a lot of love. He’s been nominated for Oscar seven times, four times for acting. They do love him. Once again there was one performance by rami Malek that people fell in love with. They fell in love with him being a first-time nominee and being this respected actor. People fell in love with the idea of him winning. Then Christian bale also was hard to beat. It just overshadowed Bradley’s performance a bit. I thought he should have been nominated for “Hangover one, two and three.” Absolutely. What’s interesting is Bradley never had a hangover before those movies. Willem Dafoe, viggo Mortensen, we haven’t mentioned these guys. It’s a very strong category. To me it seems like rami Malek with a possible upset of Christian bale. I remember when Anthony Hopkins with 14 minutes of total screen time won best actor for “Silence of the lambs.” Is there something about the love people have for Freddie Mercury that’s giving rami the edge? I think it helps. If you canvassed the entertainment industry and said who do you love more Freddie Mercury or Dick Cheney, Freddie would win. It’s about loving movies about showbiz which is “Bohemian they love movies that are dramas.

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