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And they say they’re supporting the investigation into why this 767 went down. David Kerley on that breaking news out of Texas. David, thank you. Next to the stunning developments in a Chicago courtroom. R. Kelly, jailed. The judge setting bail at $1 million. His allegations dating back as far as 1988. — 1998. The judge ordering Kelly to have no contact with his alleged victims or anyone under age. ABC’s linsey Davis takes us inside that courtroom. Reporter: Embattled r&b singer R. Kelly hounded by reporters as he emerged from his Chicago recording studio overnight to turo authorities. What do you want to say to your fans? Reporter: Kelly arrested and handcuffed, charged with sexually abusing four young women. The singer appearing before a judge today on ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault. The prosecutor’s office saying they have DNA evidence and also what they call an incriminating sex tape of Kelly. As they described the alleged incidents in graphic detail, Kelly stood without reaction. The victim met Robert Kelly on her 16th birthday. Reporter: Authorities say three of thoeged victims were between the ages of 13 and 17 when the incidents reportedly took place between 1998 and 2010. The judge called the allegations against Kelly “Disturbing” and ordered him held on $1 million bond. Kelly was ordered to turn over his passport and not have any contact with the alleged victims or anyone 18 years old or younger. Inside the courtroom, Kelly’s two current girlfriends, azriel clary and Joycelyn savage, who their parents both describe as brainwashed hostages. Azriel’s parents sat just feet away from their daughter unable to get her to acknowledge them. Any reaction from the clarys, as far as seeing their daughter inside the courtroom today and attempting to contact her? Well, it’s a very emotional moment for them. They brought those two young ladies here today for the cameras. They brought them here in an effort to send a message that all is well with Robert Kelly and there’s nothing untoward about his conduct. Reporter: R. Kelly’s attorney vehemently denies the allegations against him. We’ll start fighting the charges. Reporter: While arguing for bond for Kelly, an attempt at humor from Kelly’s attorney who told the judge he wasn’t a flight risk because “Contrary to the song, he doesn’t like to fly.” Likely a bizarre moment right there in court. And linsey Davis joins us now. She was also in that courtroom. Linsey, R. Kelly has won three grammys. So many hit songs. He wasn’t able to post his bond. What are his lawyers saying tonight? Reporter: Yeah, his lawyer told the judge in court today that Kelly’s finances are a mess. He currently doesn’t have any income coming in from tours and royalties. Unrelated to this, he owes more than $160,000 in back child support payments. He’s due back in court on Monday. Tom.

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