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??? Had to have high hopes ??? You want superstars? I mean do you want superstars? How about Bradley cooper, Dorothy parker? Can I tell you a secret? I’m going to get me a song writer. As the fourth version of a Hollywood favorite, the latest, “A star is born” has an Oscar history. Hey. Hey. I want to take one more look at you. Going all the way back to All I found out about you is that you’re foolish enough to want to go into pictures. That was the year “A star is born” won its first Oscar thanks to the plot that would stand the test of time. Damaged guy with waning fame meets young starlet on the rise. Love, marriage and tragedy. The 1937 version earned six nominations including best actor, best actress and best picture, but didn’t win a single one. The 1954 remake starred Judy Garland and James mason. It lost in all six categories it was nominated for including best actress for Garland. ??? Looking for the man that got away ??? In her come back role following her own real life struggles with addictions. You don’t know what it’s like to watch somebody you love crumble away bit by bit. It did give us this legendary Oscar story. Garland couldn’t attend the ceremony on March 30, 1955 because she had given birth to a son just the day before. We didn’t expect her to act out “A star is born” on the stage. Garland was considered such a lock for the best actress win that cameras were sent to the hospital to film her acceptance speech. The award for the best performance by an actress, grace Kelly. Grace Kelly had the last laugh that night in one of the most stunning upsets in Oscar history. The oscars themselves play an important role in the first two versions. It’s where the ladies have their wins upset by their husbands. I have a speech. I need a job. In 1976 the back drop for the story changed from the movie to the music industry. You’re blowing my act. Barbra streisand had an Oscar for “Funny girl.” Chris Chris tofrson made a real life transition from music to movies. Both lead actors were shut out of the Oscar races that year and the movie didn’t get a best picture nomination either. Streisand didn’t go home empty handed. She won best original song for “Evergreen.” ??? Love soft as an easy chair ??? presented to her by her former high school choir mate, Neil diamond. I said I loved your song so much that no matter who wins I’m reading your name. The winner is “Evergreen” Barbra streisand. So while each iteration of “A star is born” has been nominated for oscars it’s won only two. An Oscar curse that could be reversed tonight. Will it add more gold to its history? Will “Shallow” have the musical appeal? Will lady gaga get the film’s first actress win? There’s even more at stake tonight for Bradley cooper, lady gaga and Sam Elliot in trying to snag that Oscar.

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