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category. When the nominations this year were announced not many expected to hear the name marina de Tavira, neither did she nor the son she was getting ready for school. What was that moment like? When you found out you were nominated, what was that like? Who were you with? I was at home with my son. I just woken up him for school. You’re getting him ready for Yeah. You’re helping prepare him for school. Yes. The only thing going on on TV was the oscarnominations. I was hoping “Roma” would get some. When I heard my name, I was confused. What did your son say? He was like does this mean I get to skip school? I was like no. There’s a line in the movie no matter what we do we’re always alone. What’s that line mean to you? Well, sometimes motherhood can be a very lonely experience. Shouldn’t be, but it sometimes is. There’s lots of women around the world that have lonely mother hoods. Memories kept coming out from my childhood. What sort of things came up that you remember? The day my own father left for example. When we were doing that scene where Sophia tries to hold to her husband and he goes away. That was a very moving day. Everybody was like — we all have childhood scars, don’t we? “Roma” also nominated for lead actress yalitza Aparicio. She was studying to be a school teacher and her sister encouraged her to do it. The director thought she was the person to play the role. When asked why she wanted to do this, she said I have nothing better to do. Now look at her. She’s become practiced in the art of what this is about. She’s represented for the people of Mexico and for the indigenous people of Mexico. “Roma” is based on the director’s own nanny as he was growing up. We have a photo of them. She was known by lido and was basically a member of his family. He wanted to tell her story. She had a hard life as he came to realize. It wasn’t an easy life for her. When he became an adult — she raised him since he was 9 months old. He wanted to tell the truth in her story. You can see the love for her. You can see how protective he is of her. Jess, thank you so much. We’ll talk more about her and “Roma.” One of tonight’s nominees has one of the most recognizable

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