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From the bottom of my heart, thank you. ????????? Here’s a bit of best actress trivia. 50 years ago Barbra streisand and Katherine Hepburn tied for the win. Now, could history repeat itself with another tie between close and lady gaga? I love ties. He’s going to be here all day folks. I will. Before you make up your mind here’s a look at their competition. In her first acting role yalitza Aparicio for “Roma.” Glenn close portrays a frustrated writer in “The wife.” If you’re trolling for nuggets of bitterness you’ll find none here. Olivia Colman in “The favourite.” Look at me. Look at me. How dare you. Close your eyes. Lady gaga shines as singer/song writer Ali in “A star is born.” I started singing with this beautiful man. I’ll sing with him for life. Right, baby? Oh, yeah. Melissa Mccarthy weaves a tale of deceit in “Can you ever forgive me.” In many years this has been the best time of my life. This year Glenn close received her seventh Oscar nomination for her role in “The wife.” She holds the record for the most nominated without a win. In 1988 she was nominated for “Fatal attraction.” Now 30 years plus later her daughter plays her younger self in “The wife.” It was very much a mother/daughter collaboration. I feel what I’ve learned through this whole experience, women are nurturers. We have our children. We have our husbands if we’re lucky enough and our partners. We have to find personal fulfillment. We have to full — follow our dreams. We have to say I can do that and I should be allowed to do that. People come up to you and talk about the movie. They must have stars in their eyes. You choose things because you think I haven’t done this before. It’s challenging. I have to answer questions for myself and somehow find a way into this women’s skin. Have you been drinking? Yeah. I had a vodka. In the middle of the day? Yes, Joe, in the middle of the day. Joannie, you can’t be showing up with alcohol on your breath. You share this with your own daughter with whom you constructed this character in tandem. Absolutely. The scenes that she did people have mentioned again and again and again. It goes back to who Joan is. You write with a lot of intelligence, you’re detach. The characters are supposed to be detached especially the mother. How that relationship started, how they slipped into this complicit relationship. So while I was out being a drunken lush you were seducing the luscious Lydia. Nothing happened. Don’t you dare insult my intelligence. Does this mean more to you coming in 2019 than it might have years earlier? To be 71 and to still be in that room and to feel the energy and the love of that crowd, that’s pretty special. It is a profession that takes courage and this great crazy belief that you have something to say and something to give with your art and that goes straight to my heart. It has been quite a career for Glenn close. So far this season Glenn close has won every award on the circuit. Last night at the indy awards, much more low key and accepting with her dog. Earlier this award season she tied with lady gaga at the S.A.G. Awards. Keley Carter, tell us what’s going to happen. Lady gaga surprised us. Bradley cooper got a strong performance out of her. I think Glenn close is going to take this one home. Seven nominations, to think they would be giving Glenn close due rather than her performance. I hate that idea. Are they into make ups? I think we’ve seen it before. Glenn close actually turned in an amazing performance in “The wife.” This was her film. I don’t think it’s a pity award. She’s earned it. It’s not a two-person race. There’s an outsider. Olivia Colman might sneak up she could be the vote splitter. Glenn close, that character she played in “Fatal attractions” wasn’t likable. Does that have an impact? When you think about the throw back voting body at that time, that played a role. We didn’t like to see women playing certain roles and maybe that’s why she lost. No time like the present. She was so great. Coming up we’ll talk about

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