Virgin Galactic sends a test passenger into space for future space tourism Video

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president pardons him. And a politician to put tourists in space. A test passenger going to space today. The crew taking off from California’s mohave desert. And the passenger on board. Here is David Kerley. Reporter: Virgin galactic making its way from the mothership, making it to more than 50 miles above Earth, what the FAA considers space. And this time, with a passenger. The company’s chief astronaut trainer Beth Moses flying in spaceship two, and floating in zero gravity. That’s the back of her head as she got a sense of what paying passengers will experience. The celebrations after a 14-year effort. Richard Branson’s company suffering a deadly crash five years ago. While Branson will charge a quarter million dollars to future space tourists for four minutes of weightlessness, he says he trying to inspire us. With altitude, you’re trying to change attitudes. They view the Earth very differently having been to space and they come back determined to protect this beautiful planet we live on. Reporter: He says he wants to be one of the first to go to space. 50th anniversary of the moon landing and his birthday. David?

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