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Another disturbing headline. This one involves R. Kelly. Tonight, an arrest warrant has been issued for R. Kelly. He faces ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse. Tonight after that lifetime program called “Surviving R. Kelly,” authorities made a plea to any come forward. His attorney says he is shell shocked by the charges and will turn himself in tonight. Here is linsey Davis. Reporter: After being dogged by allegations of sexual misconduct for decades, tonight R. Kelly, the self-proclaimed king of r&b, facing criminal charges. A warrant for his arrest issued just hours ago. Earlier today, Robert Kelly was indicted before a cook county grand jury on ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual adduce involving four victims. Reporter: Three of those alleged victims between the ages you of 13 and 17 at the time. Late today, attorney Michael avenatti claiming he provided a crucial break in the case against Kelly. Turning over a videotape to prosecutors that he says shows the singer having sex with a 14-year-old girl around 1999. Repeatedly on the video, both the victim and R. Kelly refer to the victim’s age as being just 14. Reporter: The charges coming just weeks after that explosive lifetime documentary “Surviving R. Kelly,” which profiles several women accusing the singer of sexual abuse. He ruined me. Can you describe it. Reporter: Kelly has consistently denied any wrongdoing. His attorney sitting down for an interview just last month. Does he deny ever having a sexual relationship with someone who is under the age of consent? Yes, yes. Absolutely does. Reporter: In 2008, the singer was acquitted of child pornography charges after a tape emerged reportedly showing sexual acts with a minor. He and the young woman allegedly involved denied they were the people in the video. Despite the controversy, R. Kelly continued to top the music charts for years. But that new documentary sparking protest. And reigniting calls for a boycott of his music, with the #muterkelly. The Chicago state’s attorney urging potential victims to come forward. Just yesterday, two more women in New York claim R. Kelly sexually abused them when they were teenagers. I want justice for anybody who was the victim of R. Kelly. Linsey Davis with us on set tonight. R. Kelly is expected in court tomorrow and he faces other investigations as well? Expected to be in a Chicago courtroom tomorrow but he faces federal investigations from the irs, FBI and homeland security investigations, David. Thank you. Last night, a crush of photographers surrounding jussie

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