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Of course, you know what you’ll be doing Sunday night. We’re one day away from Hollywood’s biggest evening. If you want to get a leg up on your Oscar picks this year, if you’re competitive like Dan Harris who may be betting on who will win with his wife at home. I lose every bet with my wife. Good man. You might want to pay close attention to what one math whiz has to say. Ben soz zauzmer is a Harvard grad. He has some very impressive results when it comes to predicting academy awards winners. Last year he got right an impressive 20 out of 21 picks. Get out of here. That’s good. He uses data from previous award ceremonies to calculate the big winners, so we caught up with him overnight, and he filled us in on just how he does it. I take data from all of the other award shows, things like the golden globes and the baftas and directors guilds and so on and so forth and use math to figure out which has done the best job. That gives me a set of weights where I put more weights on the award shows that have done a better job of predicting the oscars and I apply those weights to this year’s nominees in order to figure out which movies are most likely win in each category. Okay, he’s way smarter than me. I just blacked out. Basically makes up the formula. Yeah. That was amazing. And he plugs in — Word, word, word, oscars, word, word, word. But the man is a genius obviously. He’s doing his job right with math. We’re doing our job right by not doing math. I have to say, Eva is pretty good at math. She is a science — Yes, well, listen to this. Best actress he’s predicting Glenn close to pull out the win for “The wife.” Best actor, who do you think it is? Well, it’s on the screen. Oh. Oh, it is. I was looking at my paper. Sorry. I was like — So, that tells you — Again, Eva pilgrim showing us that she’s the smartest one here. Science. “Bohemian rhapsody.” Guy, we’ll be right back with more Oscar stuff.

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