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A “New York Times” bestselling author, actress, and entrepreneur, all the way from Beverly hills, California, give it up for Lisa rinna. Hi. Hello! Good to see you. Nice to see you. Hi, look how cute. I love leopard. Hi, everybody. How cute you look. She wore that just for you. I love that. I did think leopard was TREs chic. I love it so much. You look fabulous. That’s awesome hearing it from you. Thank you. Because you’re such a busy woman. I think boss best captures it. You have a QVC clothing line. You’re the mom of two. I am. You’re celebrating 22 years of marriage. How about that? Just that alone. Yes, right. It did get us wondering how he proposed. We feel it might have gone down something like this. Take a look. ?????? Uh, no. No. It was not quite like that. We were at dinner. And, he basically said, I think we should get married. And I was like, okay. And then, though — I made him — we were in the bathroom getting ready. And I made him get down on his knee and propose for real. You couldn’t say yes without the knee? He had to do that. He did. So he did. We’ve been together 27 years. Can you believe that? That’s like 150 in Hollywood, isn’t it? It really is. Think about it. And I’m number three. I’m his third wife. Three times is the charm, I guess, too. Yeah. But what is charming is your career. Because, in front of the camera, as an act rez, you have had some on-screen love interests. I have. I want to name a few. Why don’t you? Name some lovers. These are ones that you worked with. I’m interested to hear a story about each during that time. We have a few for you. We’re going to start out with Jason Bateman. In “The hogan family.” Gosh, that was years ago. I was 26. He was 21. So technically, I was a cougar. I love a cougar. Right? He’s now my neighbor. Really. True story. He lives down the street. I learned so much from Jason Bateman. I had never done a comedy. Even at 21, he was such a quick, true professional. I learned so much. He’s one of my nearest and dearest. I loved working with him. I learned so much. Now he’s my neighbor. Give me sugar. All right. Next one up, final one. David hasselhoff. Oh, my gosh. I’m going to tell you a funny story about this scene. I am sitting there. And a dog comes up. I think it’s his dog. I don’t remember because it was so long ago. They needed the dog to kiss me on the neck. So they took wet dog food out of the can, and put it on my neck. They should have just gone with peanut butter. Wet dog food. So the dog would lick my neck. True story. Acting is glamorous, you guys. It’s — so glamorous. Superfancy. Speaking of people who love you and off screen. Oh, yeah. We had a love sess the other day. You did? In your honor. Your ears were burning. Stephanie and brandy from “The real housewives of Dallas” were here. I just met them. They love you. They left a message. Lisa rinna, I love you. Would you please just be our friend? I would be happy to be their friend. I think they are adorable. They were so sweet. I met them at the baby shower. They said that, if you could switch places with any of the housewives, you came up. Really? Yeah. We gave them the opportunity to ask you anything. They were like, be our friend. They could have gone down — they could have gone dark and they didn’t. I love that. I am curious. If you could switch with any other housewife in the series of any of the cities — Yeah. — Is there any one you would switch with? I was asked this recently. I would like to switch with bethenny for a D I want to see what her hustle is like. I think her hustle is at such a high level. I want to see if I could do it. You could do it. I don’t know. Her hustle is hard. I know her. She’s a big-time hustler. But you’re the same way. You have accomplished so much. You continue to accomplish so much. Don’t short yourself on that. Okay. All right. I also like her port here. You like her New York apartment. You just really want the apartment. I really like her apartment. I like her house in the Hamptons. So there you go. I want to be bethenny now. Can I be a housewife?

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