Watch the pure joy of a girl with cerebral palsy take some of her first steps Video

  • Now Playing: 10-year-old with cerebral palsy walks for the first time

  • Now Playing: Mom fights to have daughter with cerebral palsy released from immigration detention

  • Now Playing: Watch the pure joy of a girl with cerebral palsy take some of her first steps

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  • Now Playing: Learn how to winterize your diet

  • Now Playing: FDA issues warnings of ‘young blood’ transfusions

  • Now Playing: James Charles loves gym class

  • Now Playing: FDA warns against ‘young blood’ treatments

  • Now Playing: Screen time for 2-year-olds and younger has doubled since the mid-90s, study finds

  • Now Playing: More than 40 pushups linked to lower heart disease risk for some

  • Now Playing: ‘Riverdale’ star reveals she’s seeking treatment for depression

  • Now Playing: Mom ‘fights’ her way to good health, losing 160 pounds

  • Now Playing: New study reveals quality sleep helps prevent heart diseases

  • Now Playing: CDC: Salmonella outbreak linked to ground turkey spreads to 41 states

  • Now Playing: CDC: Flu vaccine is 47 percent effective

  • Now Playing: Hospital heart patients spread the love

  • Now Playing: 1-year-old’s birthday photo shoot tries to find the family of his heart donor

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  • Now Playing: Michael Strahan embraces his inner yogi

  • Now Playing: Fitness influencer apologizes after flood of customers call her programs a scam

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