This day in history: March 6, 1992 Video

  • Now Playing: This day in history: March 7, 2009

  • Now Playing: Google forgets to inform customers of a hidden microphone in one of its products.

  • Now Playing: Samsung unveils its first foldable phone

  • Now Playing: SpaceX launches Israeli lunar spacecraft into orbit

  • Now Playing: Samsung’s foldable smartphone may be coming soon

  • Now Playing: Future iPhones could have a foldable display

  • Now Playing: Facebook called ‘digital gangsters’

  • Now Playing: Super Bowl takes bite out of Netflix

  • Now Playing: Inside Science’s top science stories for January

  • Now Playing: Inside Science: Paddleboarding is much more than just exercise

  • Now Playing: Flickr is now limited to 1,000 photos

  • Now Playing: Snapchat’s stock is up 20 percent

  • Now Playing: Brick by LEGO brick, student with rare condition builds his own prosthetic arm

  • Now Playing: The fix is in for iPhone users

  • Now Playing: Waze app under fire from police departments

  • Now Playing: Amazon acquires Eero, maker of home Wi-Fi systems

  • Now Playing: Instagram addresses a glitch

  • Now Playing: Exciting news for electric cars

  • Now Playing: Facebook may face major fines

  • Now Playing: NASA ends mission for Mars rover, Opportunity, after 15 years

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