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We are back now with our countdown to the oscars. The big show two days away and this morning weaver they man behind that big voice in “Bohemian rhapsody” and T.J. Is there in Hollywood and, T.J., that pun intended. Talk about under pressure. Reporter: Yeah. ??? Da, da, da, da, ??? Good morning. It turns out one of the best performances in an Oscar nominated film goes to a guy who won’t get a chance to walk the red carpet or make his way up those steps or into the theater or won’t hear his name called. In fact, you don’t see him in the movie at all but you sister-in-law hear him. ??? Momma ??? Reporter: Rami Malek belted his way to front runner stat us playing Freddie ??? my trigger now he’s dead ??? Reporter: Millions of moviegoers wondered how did Mr. Robot — I decided to hack you. Reporter: — Pull off sounding so much like a music legend. Well, he didn’t. ??? Good-bye everything ??? ??? I’ve got to go ???reporter: Meet Marc martel. A Canadian who got his start singing Christian music until his bass player remarked on a certain similar vocal style to a music superstar. ??? Love of my life ??? ??? don’t leave me ??? Reporter: He now sings in a queen tribute band and producers of “Boody” sought him out to be the voice behind the voice in the film mixing Marc’s singing together with original masters of queen’s recordings. ??? We are the champions of the world ??? Reporter: Marc says his favorite queen song to sing is “Under pressure” but unlike Mercury who had extra incisors, he doesn’t have any extra teeth. Matic also provided some of his own vocals but as he told “The New York Times” earlier, no one wants to hear me sing. So “Bohemian rhapsody” could win the Oscar for best picture. Rami Malek could win for actor. What does mark matel get, credits for the movie in additional vocals. And a piece from T.J. Holmes. Wow, I’m sure that means a lot to him, George. Thank you, T.J. And the oscars airs Sunday right here on ABC.

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