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Port Richey mayor arrested after shots fired Video

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Next tonight, the Florida mayor accused of practices medicine without a license, now facing far more serious charges tonight after allegedly opening fire when deputies showed up. Here’s Victor Oquendo. Reporter: Under arrest tonight, Dale massad, the mayor of port Richey, Florida. He did not go quietly. Massad allegedly firin rounds on county deputies at his home to execute a search warrant. He shot our members and he’s lucky he’s not dead. Reporter: Police say they found multiple weapons and drugs inside. Just last August, he was arrested for domestic battery, spending a night in jail. The main thing I learned from the jail is I don’t want to go back. Reporter: Shortly after, police began investigating him for practicing medicine without a license. According to law enforcement officials, massad, a former physician who relinquished his license in 1992, had patients coming to his home and even performed medical procedures there. I’m totally disgusted that we crime, but shooting at the police. Reporter: David, none of the deputies were hit when the mayor opened fire. He’s not facing several charges including attempted murder. David? All right, Victor, thank you.

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