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Miracle Medicine: Inter-uterine surgery for spina bifida Video

  • Now Playing: Adorable 2-year-old with spina bifida inspires millions

  • Now Playing: Toddler with spina bifida practices trick-or-treating without his crutches

  • Now Playing: Surgery in the Womb

  • Now Playing: Miracle Medicine: Inter-uterine surgery for spina bifida

  • Now Playing: Sheriff’s deputy’s death-defying encounter with armed motorist

  • Now Playing: Republican at center of North Carolina’s voter fraud case calls for new election

  • Now Playing: Jussie Smollett seen leaving courthouse after bond hearing

  • Now Playing: Heartwarming moment of help

  • Now Playing: Coast Guard lieutenant deemed a ‘significant threat’ to community

  • Now Playing: Garbage man has a ton of fun on the job

  • Now Playing: Judge sets $100,000 bond for Jussie Smollett

  • Now Playing: Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim hits, kills pedestrian: Police

  • Now Playing: Chicago Police say Jussie Smollett staged hoax attack

  • Now Playing: Syracuse men’s basketball coach hits, kills man with his car

  • Now Playing: Coast Guard officer charged in alleged plot targeting politicians, media

  • Now Playing: Tortoise thought to be extinct discovered in Galapagos Islands

  • Now Playing: Jussie Smollett arrested on felony charge

  • Now Playing: Same-sex couple denied tax prep

  • Now Playing: Smollett took advantage of the ‘pain and anger of racism’ to promote career: Police

  • Now Playing: North Carolina election fraud hearing

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