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Now to the Russia investigation close to an end with Robert Mueller poised to deliver his report to the attorney general in the coming days. One of the trump associates he’s already indicted, Roger stone, is facing new trouble in court. ABC’s senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas in Washington with the latest. Good morning, Pierre. Reporter: George, good morning. There is every indication that the special counsel is finishing his investigation and could hand over his report to attorney general bill Barr at any moment. This unfolding as some of the president’s closest advisers remain in the spotlight including one who found himself facing a very frustrated judge. Roger stone, the president’s longtime friend, adviser and outspoken defender, is now under a gag order and facing possible jail time ife speaks to the media about his case, period. Stone in trouble for posting this image online of the judge overseeing the special counsel’s case against him. Federal judge Amy Berman Jackson in a crosshairs’ target noting that Jackson was an appointee of Obama. In a dramatic move stone taking the stand and pleading with the court for mercy and forgiveness. I’m kicking myself over my own stupidity. This was an egregious stupid error for I apologize. Jackson asking stone, how hard was it to come up with a photograph that didn’t have a crosshairs? Stone maintained he simply reposted the picture without look at it and it was an outgrowth of the extreme stress. But judge Jackson was not buying it arguing the post could potentially inciteothers. Roger stone fully understands the power of word, she said. And the world of social media, there really is no such as a take-back. As for stone’s apology, thank you, Jackson, said, but the apology rings quite hollow. Stone in court as Mr. Cohen was also here on capitol hill preparing to testify next week on the same day president trump meets with North Korea’s leader. The president’s men under scrutiny as Mueller’s investigation draws to a close. The man who leaked Michael Cohen’s financial records facing dime as well. Pierre, thanks very much.

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