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Now, to the U.S. Coast guard lieutenant tonight accused of planning a chilling terror plot here in the U.S. He had a stockpile of weapons and a hit list of Democrats, reporters and innocent civilians. The suspect appearing before a judge today, and here’s ABC’s Terry Moran. Reporter: Tonight, coast guard lieutenant Christopher Paul Hasson is behind bars, ordered by a federal judge to be held without bail on drug and gun charges after allegedly plotting to use this arsenal to, quote, “Murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country.” The sheer number and force of the weapons that were recovered from Mr. Hasson’s residence in this case, coupled with the disturbing nature of his writings, appear to reflect a very significant threat to the safety of our community. Reporter: The 49-year-old is accused of stockpiling handguns, sniper rifles and 1,000 rounds of ammunition. Prosecutors described what they say were Hasson’s chilling plans, including a possible hit list. On it, house speaker Nancy Pelosi, senate minority leader Charles Schumer, presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and kamala Harris, and cable host Joe Scarborough. Federal agents also found this locked container holding more than 30 bottles of human growth one. The drugs investigators say were meant to “Increase his ability to conduct attacks.” Right now, Hasson is facing only the drug and gun charges. Prosecutors call that, the tip of the iceberg. They say he was a domestic terrorist, planning a massive attack. The judge, however, wants to see more evidence of those crimes, or he told the government, he’ll Rell lease Hasson on pending trial. David? Terry Moran, thank you. Overseas tonight, and to the Vatican now.

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