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Let’s talk about what’s going on in politics because clearly Bernie Sanders has not lost his touch to rile up his base. Hours after announcing he’s running for president, he broke records by raising $6 million in one day. Wow. Also came very hard at trump, calling him a racist, a sexist, homophobic pathological liar. Then he really got nasty. Here’s how trump responded to that. Personally, I think he missed his time, but I like Bernie because he is one person that — you know, on trade, he sort of would agree on trade. I’m being very tough on trade. He was tough on trade. The problem is he doesn’t know what to do about it. We’re doing something very spectacular on trade but I wish Bernie well. He wishes Bernie well. I was suspicious already when I saw that. Yeah, yeah. What do you think he’s up to here? First of all, you guys remember WHE Republicans used to be pro trade? Yeah. We keep talking about how trump is not a true conservative, a true Republican, and he is on the same page as Bernie Sanders on trade. That should tell you that that’s exactly right. That should tell you what, that trump is not a Republican? He’s not. Not conservative. He’s Donald Trump. In fact, one in ten Bernie Sanders supporters, according to one survey that talked to over 50,000 people, voted for trump against Hillary, which I found fascinating because they thought that trump’s brand, I’m guessing, the anti-establishment, was more in line with them than Hillary Clinton for example. Why do the Republicans support trump then if he’s not a Republican anymore? Because he’s the president and they like being in power. He appoints conservative supreme court justices, becau tax bill, because he throws bones and makes people happy on little things and they look away. It was the anti-establishment. This reminds me of the democratic field. Remind to 2016 with all those Republicans in. Right now it was all about Jeb Bush and Chris Christie. It was about a year later that he told an audience in new Hampshire please clap, please clap for me. There’s a difference between Bernie Sanders comes from small donations traditionally, at least in 2018 which means $100, $200 here and there. Way but I think it shows the grassroots movement behind Bernie Sanders is different than it was for Jeb. For the 11th time in a row in the morning consult poll he has the highest approval rating of any sitting senator, 64%. He’s the most popular sitting senator right now. Bernie? Yeah. It’s fascinating because like you said yesterday, he’s very, very popular. He beat kamala Harris in terms of raising money and she had been, I think, the front-runner. His average size of donation, about 27 bucks. And he raised $6 million. But kamala yesterday distanced herself from Sanders. She said this, I am not a democratic socialist. I think we’re going to see the difference between the two because they are now the front runners. I think we’re comparing a little bit apples to Oranges. Running for president is a little like sex. You’re better at it the second time than you are the first. Oh! I’ve never heard of it described like that. Bernie has done this before. He’s got a huge mailing list. He’s got much more name I.D. Than all the rest, so he’s got some advantages. Do you think it will — Now, Biden has run like three times. Yes. But do you think it will hurt Bernie, sort of this democratic socialist? Because is he really a Democrat? He’s really in many respects an independent and kamala I think has always been a Democrat, but the fact that she was a prosecutor, many people are holding her law enforcement experience against her. Let’s move on to Gillibrand because there was a video of Gillibrand that caught your eye and yours I understand. As a pregnant woman how does it not. There’s a new folk hero in this election cycle. What did she do? There’s a new debate in — Sorry, I just want to get some ranch. What happened? She said I’m trying to get some ranch, like some ranch dressing. That’s how compelling she thought Gillibrand was. She was at a bible study. She wasn’t even at this event. It reminds me of so many people you see in this primary states because they see so many candidates. They’re not impressed. They’re more into their ranch dressing. As a pregnant woman, ranch has been like my number one craving. She said I put it on pizza and I couldn’t eat my pizza without getting my ranch. Do you think Kristin Gillibrand connected with that voter? She doesn’t care. She should care. It’s Iowa. She probably got more exposure from that viral video. That girl is probably Republican anyway? Because she leads a bible study she’s Republican? I don’t know. She wasn’t interested in her. She likes ranch dressing, she must have been Republican. She might have been.

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