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We move on to our cover story. Miranda lambert’s love story. Hitting close T home right here in times square. Erielle reshef has the details. Hey, erielle. Reporter: Good morning, she is the country superstar divorced from Blake Shelton and made huge headlines, now she is newly married to a New York City police officer meeting her man right here at “Gma” sparking a romance. It’s built on a special bond. It waswhirlwind romance and speedy walk down the aisle for country superstar Miranda lambert and her beau of three months, Brendan Mcloughlin. He brings back normally to her life. Reporter: She posted she’s pics. I met the love of my life and we got hitched. High matter is full. The two reportedly tying a knot back in January but their newly announced thupt walls not a shock to those closest to them. The happy couple easily connected over Mcloughlin’s career as a New York City cop. Her dad was a longtime detective and her mother as well worked as a private investigator so she is used to having kind of that police force in the family. ?????? Reporter: The pair first crossing paths in November right here on the set of “Gma.” ?????? lambert performing with her band pistol annies. Mcloughlin on patrol. The entertainer now gushing about her groom. Thank you, Brendan Mcloughlin for loving me for me. #Theone. We have gotten word that officer Mcloughlin will be back here to work at “Gma.” Of course, we look forward to congratulating him in person. We wish them the best. We still can’t get over it. And Brendan is such a wonderful, wonderful guy and from a good family, a lot of them are police officers so, all right.

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