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next to case that made net headlines. The young mother last seen in surveillance at a grocery store with her 1-year-old daughter. Tonight here, stunning testimony at a hearing for Patrick Frazee. Kelsey Berreth was his fiance and mother of his child. Prosecutors are now revealing how they believe she was killed. ABC’s kayna Whitworth in Colorado tonight. Reporter: Patrick Frazee back before a Colorado judge as prosecutors lay out stunning new details and a possible motive in connection with the disappearance of Kelsey Berreth. Nearly two weeks after she was last seen on this grocery store surveillance video, Berreth’s parents told investigators they found blood spatter in her bathroom. Tests revealed the young mother’s blood in multiple locations in the home and efforts to clean it. Fra see told police the last time he saw Berreth was Thanksgiving, November, but prosecutors say cell phone location data shows Berreth and fra see’s phones together in the same location several days later. Berreth’s phone eventually located 700 miles away in Idaho. Frazee’s friend crystal Lee Kenney admitting she put it there. Prosecutors say Kenney told them she was romantically involved with Frazee since March of last year and that Frazee told her Berreth was an abusive mother. He allegedly asked Kenney to kill Berreth by bringing her a Starbucks care Mel Mack yat toe, her favorite, laced with poison. Kenney says she posed as a neighbor, bringing Berreth the drink, but never poisoned it. Prosecutors say he tried to convince Kenney three more times to kill Berreth, giving her a metal pipe and later telling her to use a bat. Prosecutors say that pa take Frazee blindfolded Kelsey Berreth and beat her to death with a baseball bat himself, then left the scene of the murder T have Thanksgiving dinner with his family. Her body still hasn’t been found and Frazee hasn’t entered a plea. David? Kayna Whitworth, thank you. Next, to that breaking news

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