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New developments in the political chaosng Virginia. One of the women who accused lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax of sexual assault is telling her story in a “Washington post” op-ed. Meredith Watson writes she is willing to testify public under oath and she’s calling on Fairfax who denied her allegation to do the same. ABC’s linsey Davis has the story. Reporter: Good morning. The scrutiny at the Virginia statehouse is intensifying this morning with this new op-ed. Meredith Watson says as a result of her allegations against the lieutenant governor, her life has been probed and picked over but she still wants a public hearing. This morning, new fallout in the sexual misconduct allegations leveled at Virginia lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax. In an op-ed, Meredith Watson who claims Fairfax sexually assaulted her at duke nearly two decades ago is demanding a public hearing and accusing the Virginia general assembly of inaction writing in one week they moved on. Watson first disclosed the allegations publicly on February 8th claiming a sexual attack by Fairfax that was premeditated and aggressive. Nearly two weeks later Watson claims little action has been taken writing, this is what women who come forward know to expect and fear, adding, my privacy has already been violated yet I am still willing to testify publicly under oath. The editorial calls into question the treatment of female accusers versus that of men in positions of political power. Watson writes, if we as a society continue low who report rape to be abused, disparaged and tormented a second time, then shame on us all. Watson writes she came forward in order to support Vanessa Tyson who came forward to accuse Fairfax of assaulting her in 2004. The lieutenant governor has denied both claims against him. I have nothing to hide and there was no inappropriate contact whatsoever. Reporter: Democratic party leaders have repeatedly called for fair next to resign. She also says Vanessa Tyson, the other accuser, also offered to testify publicly under oath. Watson says while she has turned down offers from politicians and media she says the Virginia generalbly refuses to take the simple and responsible step of holding a public hearing. It’s hard to see how they’ll hold the line on that. It seems inevitable at some point. Something that we are just learning, reports that fashion

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