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Video: Tulsa police pursue suspected stolen car with kids inside Video

Transcript for Video: Tulsa police pursue suspected stolen car with kids inside

Next tonight here, to the kidnapping scare in Tulsa. Police tailing a suspect who had taken off. There are children in the back of this car. But they are soon in the arm’s of the officers. And here’s linsey Davis. Reporter: Tonight, the new video. Tulsa police pursuing a suspected stolen car. Inside, two kidnapped children. Be advised, children are still in the vehicle. Reporter: The driver pulling into a convenience store. Stay with those kids. Protect those kids. Hey, put your hands out! Reporter: That’s when the officers drew their guns and sprang into action. Hands up! Hands up! Pull the kids get out of the car. Get out of the car. Reporter: Immediately pulling the suspect out of the car and forcing him onto the ground. Get on the ground. What the Doing, huh? I ain’t doing nothing. Reporter: The officers restraining him in handcuffs. Hands behind your back. I got it. Give it here. Charlotte 312, he’s in custody. Reporter: Inside the car, police find two children, ages 4 and 5. You can see an officer take one of them out of the backseat. 10-4, kids are good. Reporter: You heard there those who children unarmed and returned to their mother. The suspect faces two counts of kidnapping and larceny of a vehicle. David? Heroic work of the officers. Linsey, thank you.

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