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Finally tonight here, America strong. Remembering the American sailor who turned to that young woman in times square. The victory flash electrified the war is finally over. The world’s mightiest city marked the end of World War II in one tremendous shout of joy and gladness. Reporter: Millions around the country pouring into the streets, celebrating the end of World War II. There were so many kisses. But none like this one. Times square, one of the most iconic images of the 20th century. That sailor, 22-year-old George Mendonsa. In 1942, serving aboard a destroyer in the pacific. In 2005, he told ABC news about that day in New York. He was on leave, and he was actually preparing to go back to serve. I was in radio city music hall when they stopped the show and they said, the war’s over. And everybody went down into times square and, of course, it was some mob of people. And everybody was raising hell and having a good time. Reporter: The nurse he kissed? Greta zimmer-friedman. And why did George pick Greta on that day? It was the uniform. Reporter: Her dental uniform reminding George of the nurses serving in the war. In 1980, he andhat nurse reuniting in times square. They stayed in touch through the years, telling each other about their families. His family tonight saying George loved his country, and was proud of that photo. The picture is still known around the whole world as a symbol of the end of World War II. This is one of the good things that ever happened to me. It is a beautif ???????????? This is “Jeopardy!” Introducing today’s contestants– a high school athletic director from Louisville,

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