US mother calls move to Syria, marrying ISIS fighters a ‘mistake’ Video

Transcript for US mother calls move to Syria, marrying ISIS fighters a ‘mistake’

And now, to our team inside Syria again tonight. And this evening, the young American woman who left the U.S. To marry ISIS fighters. She had a baby boy, and tonight, her plea, why she now wants to come home. And it comes just as the U.S. Now takes back that territory that had been claimed by ISIS in Syria. ABC’s James Longman from inside that country again tonight. Reporter: Tonight, as the ISIS veil is stripped away, this young American mother is pleading to come home. D I’ve made a big mistake. And I know I’ve ruined my future and my son’s future and I deeply, deeply regret it. Reporter: Hoda Muthana, here with her 18-month-old son, left Alabama to marry an ISIS fighter four years ago. She was just 19. She spread ISIS propaganda online, calling for attacks on Americans. Now, she tells “The guardian” after trying to escape, she fears for her safety. From what I heard, if they were to read my messages, I would have been killed. Reporter: Muthana married three times during her time here, each time to an ISIS fighter. Each time made a widow. Muthana is not the only woman lured by the terror group. There are 1,500 foreign women and children in this camp alone. 19-year-old shamima begum is one of them. She just gave birth to her third child. The first two she claims are dead. At first it was nice. It was like how they showed in the videos. Reporter: She described life in the islamic state, including watching beheadings. I knew about those things. And I was okay with it. Reporter: But now she, too, wants to return home. I don’t want to take care of my child in this camp, because I’m afraid he will die in this camp. Reporter: The British will not bring begum back. While is an American, Muthana can expect to be brought home to face justice. President trump is pushing other countries to follow the U.S. Lead. David? All right, James Longman and our team inside Syria for days now. Thank you, and stay safe.

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