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Now to the big change coming for the fab four. Prince William and prince Harry are reportedly splitting the royal household within the next few weeks. Erielle reshef is here with the details. The brothers are breaking up. Reporter: We have the scoop. The plans in the works since before Meghan and Harry’s wedding last year. The brothers will be living separately for the first time in decade. A new reality and a new landmark moment for the Royals. The morning, it could be the end of an era. For the royal fab four. The Sunday times of London reporting William and Harry will slit hair house holds in the next week. They’re not going to have a joint team at kensington palace anymore. Reporter: William preparing to be king. Kate to be queen. Meghan and Harry to be parents for the first time. You have William and Kate one day becoming king and queen. The work they’re doing and will doing more of is more about the future king, the future queen consort. Harry and Meghan have a much more blank canvas. They don’t have that responsibility. Tho want to forge a different kind of path. Reporter: The duke and duchess of Sussex will move to frogmore cottage on the wind zor estate. A source close to the family telling the times the brothers have leaned on each other and looked after each other since they mother died. Now they have their own family. They no longer rely on each other as before. Thaw have become different people with different outlooks on life. Now the couples will continue to work together on the charitable foundation, which supports mental health, veterans, conversation, and youth at risk. No matter where they’re living, they’re going to have that brotherly bond.e’s good news there. It’s not like he’s moving out to a one-bedroom apartment. Reporter: That’s right. Doing just fine. Happy presidents’ day.

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