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Police bodycam captures confrontation with knife-wielding man Video

Transcript for Police bodycam captures confrontation with knife-wielding man

A sheriff’s body cam recording a confrontation with a knife-wielding man who had claimed allegiance to ISIS. That 18-year-old man had called 911 beforehand. Here’s ABC’s Clayton Sandell. Reporter: Tonight, a conversation quickly turning into a confrontation. You H any I.D. On you or anything? Hey! Back off. Back off. Reporter: Investigators say Ismail Hamed wanted to meet police face to face. Drop the knife! 7-40, he’s got a knife coming at me. Reporter: But then urges a maricopa county sheriff’s sergeant to shoot him. Shoot me. Drop the knife! Reporter: Before the shooting, Hamed had called 911 twice. My name is Ismail Hamed and I’m owing my allegiance to the islamic state and Iraq and Syria. I just want a cop to come real quick and I want to deal with them. Reporter: Hamed survived and was charged with assaulting an officer and terrorism charges. But his alleged connections to any terror groups are unclear. Those pages in the report are blacked out. Hamed has pleaded not guilty. We tried reaching out to his attorney. He has not called us back. David? All right, Clayton, thank you.

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