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Napkin and genealogy site leads to 1993 Minnesota cold-case arrest Video

Transcript for Napkin and genealogy site leads to 1993 Minnesota cold-case arrest

and to a cold case, authorities say they’ve now cracked it. The hockey dad who is, tonight, charged in a 25-year-old murder case in Minnesota. Prosecutors say they used DNA from a gene yol. Website, then tracked him to his daughter’s hockey game, watching as he threw away a napkin. They then pulled that napkin out of the trash. Here’s ABC’s erielle reshef. Reporter: Tonight, a napkin and a genealogy site leading to the arrest of a Minnesota business man charged in a cold case. The suspect’s DNA was identified as being consistent with the DNA left at the scene. Reporter: Detectives now reopening the investigation into the mysterious murder of 35-year-old Jeanne Ann Childs, stabbed to death in her Minneapolis apartment in 1993. Prosecutors say DNA samples taken from the bloody crime scene, run through an online genealogy site, leading authorities to 52-year-old father of two Jerry Westrom. Detectives using the internet to track Westrom to his daughter’s hockey game in Wisconsin. They got a DNA sample when he was in a hockey game, used a napkin, threw it away, and they got enough DNA off of the napkin. Reporter: Westrom now charged with second degree murder. There’s no known relationship between the individuals, and that’s what makes these sort of cases so hard to solve. Reporter: Similar public genealogy databases have been used to track down other suspects, including in the infamous golden state killer case. Now, Wes trom told detectives he did not know the victim in this case, and was never at that apartment. He is out of jail after boasting half a million dollar bond. He is due back in court in March, David. We’ve done so many stories an this helping to crack cases. Erielle, thank you.

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