More than 40 pushups linked to lower heart disease risk for some Video

  • Now Playing: New study shows nearly half of all Americans have heart disease

  • Now Playing: Susan Lucci urges women to look out for heart disease symptoms following scare

  • Now Playing: More than 40 pushups linked to lower heart disease risk for some

  • Now Playing: Grand Canyon tourists, workers warned of radiation dangers

  • Now Playing: 4 people rescue driver trapped behind wheel of SUV in Louisiana

  • Now Playing: Passenger exhibits rage on flight from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas

  • Now Playing: New allegation surfaces that Jussie Smollett staged his own attack: Source

  • Now Playing: New storm sweeps across the country from North Dakota to New England

  • Now Playing: Senator Lindsey Graham says the Senate will investigate Andrew McCabe’s claim

  • Now Playing: New details about the factory massacre in Aurora, Illinois

  • Now Playing: Women and children flee Syria

  • Now Playing: Nurse allegedly poisons husband so she could marry an inmate

  • Now Playing: Trump searches for new US ambassador to the United Nations

  • Now Playing: 9,000 gallon gas tanker bursts into flames on highway

  • Now Playing: Parents accidentally lock their 1-year-old in their family SUV

  • Now Playing: Two Clydesdales fall through ice on a frozen lake

  • Now Playing: 2 men detained in Jussie Smollett investigation released

  • Now Playing: Gunman was terminated before mass shooting: Police

  • Now Playing: 95-year-old Celemtene Bates shares the importance of love as a foster grandparent

  • Now Playing: Video shows a Tesla crashing after going 120 mph in Miami Beach, Florida

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