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I’m talking about a national television show, written, produced and owned by black folks. I’m talking about bringing us not whitewash, no toned down, but us. In the millions of homes, like it or not. Black folks the way black folks were meant to be seen, strong, powerful and beautiful. There will never be another show like it and it won’t just be mine. It will be all ours, but I can’t do it alone. That was a clip from the brand-new drama “American soul,” which follows the untold rise of don Cornelius and the iconic show, “Soul train.” Now coming out “Soul train” style, please welcome the cast of “American soul.” Jason Durden, Kelly price and saquon walls. ?????? yeah. ??? She’s a brick house ??? ?????? Oh, man. So nice to have you guys here. Thank you. Thank you for having us. You did not disappoint on the dance. You did not disappoint, and I got to say to all the youngsters out there who don’t remember “Soul train,” or you just turned on your TV or you didn’t see the piece that I did on it, it was amazing. We’ll give you another taste of it. Let’s look at these moves right here. This is what “Soul train” was all about. ?????? You see dancing like this on TV and you don’t see it anymore. It’s about the legs. Check out this cat on the right. Check him out. Real smooth like. You don’t see a spin and a drag from a cigarette like that anymore. No. No. Train” mean to you growing up? Saturday morning is in the background cleaning up the house. We always have music going, so the radio stopped and TV went up and we cleaned and listened to everyone on “Soul train”. I was supposed to be cleaning at that point. All the cleaning stopped. We lined up the furniture and went down the “Soul train.” My mom was actually a “Soul train” dancer so when I used to make fun of her not dancing she would tell me, I know how to dance. I danced on “Soul train”. I danced. We didn’t know nothing about that either. Fun fact. A little fun story I heard earlier. This isn’t your first run-in with Michael Strahan. No. No. Actually we met a couple of years back. Mm-hmm. I was in Los Angeles in Santa Monica. This is not the story I know. I was in Los Angeles. I was in Santa Monica, driving up cloverfield and this car came zooming past me to make a left turn and I was in my car and I pulled up real quick. I pulled up and as soon as I get ready to yell into the window, I see it’s you and I go, no. I had no idea. I’m sorry. Beautiful car too, wasn’t it? Beautiful car, and Mike hit me with the — as you were, sir. I’ll save the other story for later when I met you before. Because that wasn’t it. One thing we see, is retro fashion and the style. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s not only for the show. We got little throwback to you guys too. Oh, boy. Yeah. So here we go. We got a little number. Tell us about this number that you’re sporting. That’s not it. There we go. Hey. That’s the rayon shirt you can’t see, but you zoom in and it’s a saxophone charm on the chain. Come on. What? Tell me nothing. I ain’t going to lie. I used to have one of you could get four different color pants that match one shirt. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. I’m afraid. What are you afraid of, Kelly? I think we have one of you too, Kelly. Oh, god. Yes. That was the salt and peppa situation. That was the photo booth. I’m a New York chick. That was the photo booth at the coliseum wall on Jamaica avenue. That’s what that was. That’s amazing. You know we got you too, man. Put it up. Here we go. That tux looks a little too big for you. I thought that was your Michael Strahan story. I borrowed his suit right there, and the shoes too. What was that? Like prom or something? I think that was church. That was me going to church. That was a lot. A lot of fabric. Now we always say the best way to pitch a show is tell us what’s on the air now that resembles it. We would describe this show as “The $100,000 pyramid” meets “Fox NFL Sundays” meets “Good morning America,” but at 1:00 with me. How would you describe your show? I would say “Madmen” meets “American idol.” Yeah. Yeah. That’s a good one. Yeah. “Madmen” meets “American idol,” but with black people. But with black people. Oh, man. But if people have missed something — it’s out now. You can binge watch it or feel the episode out right now. Is there anything you have been surprised to learn about “Soul train” and how this whole thing started when you read the script and you’re thinking, man, I had no idea this was the history of the show? Right, right, right. I think everything because unlike now, there was no social media. Now you can know what somebody’s having for lunch before they finish their meal. Back then, there was a mystery and a mystique to celebrities. You know him as a producer of a television show and a host, but you didn’t know about him. So everything for me has been, like, wow. I agree. I think for me obviously unpacking the bag of don, I learned how much he was quick to go off on somebody. We see that in the show. You guys get to see that throughout the episodes. His switch was so fast. If someone stepped across him wrong, they were going to get it. For me to learn that and have the ability to play with that, even like sometimes we have moments and at a moment’s notice, don is going to go off on somebody. It’s cool to see you guys tell the story as you impacted and you remember so clearly. To tell the story, it has to be a special opportunity. It really is. It really is. Thank you for being here. That’s a story that needs to be told. Couldn’t be told by anyone better than you three. So thank you.

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