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We’re back now. The bachelor, quite a season. Full of surprises, last night was the biggest one for us and for ginger yet and I know you hosted a watch party with some of our bachelor favorites. Yes, they showed up. It has been such a season already. We didn’t even need all this but I’m not complaining. So I had to throw this ultimate bachelor watch party and while we were doing that, Colton surprised everybody but then the producers surprised me with some more guests. Oh, that’s fun. To Colton. Finding love. We had an epic party for my the show. I am a huge bachelor fan. I love watching all the girls. I love all the drama and I love that it’s all about love. I love the bachelor. Point at who you like and say their name on the count of three, one, two, three. Cassie. And while the bachelor watch party was getting started my guests had no idea the main attraction was on his way. It’s Colton. I’m on my way to crash a viewing party. I can’t wait to meet the fans and watch this episode with them so stay tuned. Reporter: And completely hidden from me he wasn’t the only bachelor about to crash my party. Nick, Jason, tanner here and we’re about to go to the biggest bachelor viewing party ever. While we stat down — are you ready to watch “The bachelor”? Watching the show right now. Reporter: These guys were sneaking around the house. The fans are inside. They don’t know we’re coming. We’re about to head in. Like this, Colton. Let’s do it, here we go. I don’t think I’m going to do that this week so let’s just use the gate. Coming with roses. Here we go. Reporter: While all eyes were on the TV — Hey, guys. Will you guys accept these roses? Oh. No way. Oh, my god. Hi. Hi. Reporter: Then the surprises just kept coming. Colton is already in there but they do not know we are here. Let’s go do this. He’s do it. We heard there’s a party here. Oh, my god. Look. And let me tell you, last night was amazing for everybody there. I had no idea. I mean I knew Colton but the other ones, every bachelor is here. Even miles is thrilled. But his brother not so much a bachelor fan. The true story behind Adrian crying he said right when you guys left he started to calm down. He said why did you get so upset. He said because they were all so tall and the lady say that’s why we were not upset. As you guys can see Colton is with us. Hi, Colton. Thank you guys for having me. How was thatng — you’re in the bushes walking into a house filled with unsuspecting women. It was a little intimidating but I knew I had backup and reinforcements coming shortly. How do you think it will be for you, life post “Bachelor.” Relief, are you prepared. I can’t wait for it to be over. As much as I’m grateful and as fun as it’s been, I’ve been back-to-back-to-back on three shows so it’s like I can’t wait to have the ending and to sort of — ble to tell us. To be a little more Normal. A bit of normalcy. I can imagine you’re in that place right now. Last night the place you were in is where you’re figuring out if people are there for the right reasons. It comes up every season. It is a thing but how do you keep yourself positive in thinking this is going to work? I don’t always stay positive. It’s hard because you get thrown sort of in this time warp because we filmed it four months ago but then it brings up emotions when you watch it back because it is so real. It’s tough. It really is. Next week is the hometown dates. I mean that’s always a really great show for us. How was it for you and what were you thinking going into that? Well, so I almost had like the same feeling come into your house. You’re walking into — it’s different because the families normally for me go on the ride with you in your relationships and they’re — they don’t know who I am. I’m a stranger walking into these hopes so it’s a little intimidating. You’ll see how it plays out, but, yeah. I imagine. There’s so many questions. I know. You’ve been very good about not giving us information. Welcome Nick, Jason and tanner, come on out, guys. Hi. Come, please. Sit. Nice to see you again, hi, Nick. So good to have all of you. I said earlier this is great because we have — we have a little bit of all bachelor — you guys have to sit on one couch. Come on over. Slide over a little bit. We have a little bit of everything. We have Jason calls himself grandpa bachelor because of not just his age — not just his age, Nick is the same age but you were around at the beginning. Tanner has worked from paradise and got another baby on the way in August and Nick has been on so many seasons that we just use him as wisdom, right? So it’s great to have everybody together. I think as he goes into hometowns I’ll start with Nick. What does he do? You’ve done a lot of hometowns. Hometowns is tough. I mean, kind of what Colton is saying it’s personal so you’re bringing in people who didn’t necessarily sign up for it and families are nervous and excited. You don’t know what to expect and if it didn’t feel real before that moment, it really feels real because it’s — you’re talking about the future, you’re talking maybe asking for permission. It was for me it was very much the hardest week of filming. I don’t know how Colton felt but it was — you just want to be very respectful of all the families and it can be tough because it’s a lot of emotion at that point. Jason, how is Molly? She’s awesome and speaking of that — Oh, boy. We all know the key to everything is happy wife, happy life so she wanted me to ask you a question from Molly. Hopefully she’s watching. In our house there is a lot of white wine that’s drank but none by me. She wants to know why you drink so much white wine. So I don’t stain my teeth. Is that it. That is hilarious. It’s refreshing. If I’m going to drink alcohol it might as well be refreshing. I made that mistake on TV. Drink a bunch of red wine and wasn’t good. Jason, any advice for Colton, you and Molly seem to be making it work. Married for quite a bit. It’s almost nine years. Congratulations. Yeah. Next week. I think we just focused on each other. As soon as we were done with all this red and flowers and all that stuff we took a step back, moved to Seattle and just did our thing and I think if you guys do that, you guys will be great. You guys — We’re listening. Investigators over here. You have to assume. What are we here for? Right. But the season is so — there’s a lot — do you guys feel like he actually has his hands full more than any of you have seen in the past? It’s definitely been eventful. I enjoyed watching it. Good TV. Getting more and more every single season. There’s more and more the bachelor has to deal with. Speaking of something about having another baby, we wanted to bring out a gift. Yeah. First onesie. Which one will it be ? We actually went to the doctor last week and we have a sealed envelope in our house that will have the results but we haven’t opened it yet. We’ll do a big gender reveal thing but I already have a little girl so I’ll hold out for this. This is not an announcement. I don’t know yet. Thanks for the clarification. Hold it up, it could go viral. Thank you all for being with us.

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