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Passenger exhibits rage on flight from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas Video

Transcript for Passenger exhibits rage on flight from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas

blue flight. A passenger melting down, accused of spitting at another passenger, hitting an airline employee, and she even blew kisses to cameras knowing the video would go viral. Here’s Stephanie Ramos. Reporter: Tonight, on onboard meltdown. This woman getting a one-way ticket straight to the Broward county jail. You want to make it viral? Make it viral! Reporter: And passengers recorded it. Who is taping this? Who is taping this? Reporter: 32-year-old Valerie Gonzalez yelling, then spitting. Police say this all started because she didn’t want to sit next to a child. According to the incident report, Gonzalez is heard shouting “I’m not sitting next to a 3-year-old! I’ve been drinking all day.” I didn’t do anything. I sat down in my seat! I asked to go somewhere else. But they’re being — Reporter: The flight crew called security. The 32-year-old was taken off the aircraft and arrested. I’ll take my . Y’all. Enjoy yourself in Vegas. Vegas, baby, Vegas. Reporter: Responding officers say the woman did try to get back on the plane, even hitting a gate agent in the head. But they were finally able to restrain her in a wheelchair. She is now facing battery charges. Tom? Stephanie, thank you. There’s much more ahead on “World news tonight” this

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