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New storm sweeps across the country from North Dakota to New England Video

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We turn to the weather, and the new storm speeding across the country tonight. Snow and ice from the dakotas to new England. At least 17 people injured in a massive 49-car pileup in Denver. The system hitting northeast by tomorrow morning. Rob Marciano. Reporter: This busy road in Colorado transformed into a skating rink, leading to another massive pileup. We’ve probably got, I’m going to guess right now, 30 cars. Reporter: The chain reaction crash happening near Denver international airport Saturday, during what witnesses describe as a sudden burst of snow. It was pretty whiteout, and slushy. You couldn’t see a foot front of you. Everyone was slowing down. And no one could stop. And everyone was hitting each other. Reporter: This video revealing the icy conditions drivers were up against. Look at all these cars. Reporter: A total of 49 vehicles involved in the pileup, leaving 17 people injured. To the east, the same system snow-coating roads from the dakotas to Chicago. Southern Iowa getting more than eight inches of snow. And in northern Illinois, whiteout conditions reducing visibility on this road to less than 100 feet. That storm now setting its sights on the east coast. Conditions clearly dangerous, so let’s get right to rob with the forecast. Good evening, rob. Reporter: Hi, Tom. The system reaching towards the northeast, it will be snowing in a matter of hours. But it’s still snowing in places like Chicago. The center is over Kentucky. Heavy rain in the south, but the snow will turn to rain and sleet, and in new England, Providence, a winter storm warning. E 4 to 6 inches of snow. Heavy rain across parts of the southeast. And a messy mix for the midatlantic Wednesday. And another storm after that, that could lead to some flooding across the southeast. Tom? Rob, thank you. To politics tonight, and the

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