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So it is presidents’ day and several people have already announced that they have their eye on the job. You’ve got your Cory booker, you got your Julian Castro, you got Kristin Gillibrand, you got kamala Harris. Tulsi gabbard. Marian Williamson is on the list? Yes. The spiritual guru, she’s running for president? So who’s not running? Who’s not running, that’s a good question. Then there’s Elizabeth Warren. Did I mention Elizabeth Warren? She’s been very active and out there. Klobuchar was in this snowstorm the other day. That was a good thing for her to do. No one knows who she is really. Now they know. Good headline. They’ll say, oh, that’s the one that was not snowstorm. Brillit. Who do you think did the best rollout? We know that was kamala Harris because she said she was a pot head. I think the best rollout hasn’t come down T. I think when Joe Biden announces, he’s going to have the best rollout. I really, honestly do, you know. What about the age factor with him though? I don’t think it will matter. I think he knows how to do this. I think, you know, he saw how Obama did it. I think he’ll do it in Delaware. I think he’s going to have that hometown love. Everyone loves uncle Joe. He knows how to do it. He’s seen everyone else do it. He’ll have the best rollout. Thus far I think kamala Harris certainly has had the best rollout. I think she has the secret weapon of the alpha kappa alpha sorority of which I am a member. I do think that black women voters have always been the corner stone of the democratic vote. We know that they come out, black female voters will make the difference in like the south Carolina primaries. You know, we elect presidents. We elect senators, you know, we elect congress people. I think she has a real — a real secret weapon in her pocket. I agree with you both. Biden, I would give him the best rollout because he hasn’t announced yet and I think he’s played that card right. I also would love for him to say I’m only going to be in for four years and sew this country back together — No, no, no, no. You can’t say that. That is a lame duck. I actually talked my father out of this. You thought about doing it? Yes. It’s a story I told recently when he was running the first time because I think it looks desperate. I’m not an ageist and I don’t think America is either. A good president is a good president. It doesn’t matter what age they are. He’s not a desperate man and does not to make desperate moves. And he would be considered a lame duck presid And say my mission is to actually make a difference and you can pick kamala Harris as your vice presidential pick. That would be a powerful ticket. He’s older. Kamala Harris had the best rollout so far. The biggest challenge for any Democrat is winning the middle of America. I think president trump has this base but it’s really going to be who can capture the independent vote. The bases are going to stay where they are. I have someone like that for you. Okay. His name is Michael Bennett. He’s the — You love him. He’s the 54-year-old senator from Colorado. He is the one who took Ted Cruz to task. Yeah, he did. His grandfather worked for fdr. His father was a Washington fixture, and his brother runs “The New York Times” editorial page. But the real thing about him is that he’s fiscally centrist a socially Progressive, right up your alley. I always need to see candidates — some people are good on paper and then the execution is so poor, so sloppy that it doesn’t matter, you’re dead in the water. I’d have to see him campaign, I’d have to see him in a town hall. I concede I don’t know much about him other than the moment you’re talking about with Ted Cruz. The reason why kamala is the strongest for me so far is the sheer amount of people, she had 20,000 people in Oakland which isn’t necessarily on the name recognition level as some of the other candidates. It’s pretty impressive for her. I will say I’m more interested in worst rollouts because I always love — Who’s that? I think Howard Schultz, I know he hasn’t officially announced — by the way, also, announce. Give me a break, like I’m considering. He’s testing the waters. In this era, fish or cut bait. These are rough times we’re living in right now. You want to be in the arena, get in the arena and stop teasing everybody, period. He wants to be an independent candidate W me is just a spoiler. An independent candidate sz another name for Ralph Nader who brought us George W. Bush, so that’s not working. You don’t think he’ll have any chance as an independent? No. First of all, he has no traction. Michael Bloomberg already tested this and said there’s no pathway for an independent candidate. He did all the research on it. He’s another billionaire who would probably be in the more centrist lane even though he’s a Republican in New York City. I think you should trust him. I’m not interested in people who aren’t taking this seriously. Don’t do it for vanity reasons but because you think you can change the country. One more thing on this. He’s going to spend probably, a good estimate, 100, 200, $300 million running for president. Take that money and fix our education system. Take the money that Yo — you don’t need the publicity. You don’t need — you already have it. You already started Starbucks. You’re an incredible entrepreneur. No one is taking that away from you. I think Michael Bloomberg is a secret weapon for the Democrats because I hear that he has a $500 million war chest that he’s going to put behind the democratic candidate. He’s up against the NRA also. In honor of president’s day, today’s black history month FYI honors the first black presidential candidate. Yes. There was one. His name was George Edwin Taylor. He was born in president bill Clinton’s hometown of little Rock, Arkansas in 1857. He was a journalist before getting involved in politics. Convinced that neither Republicans nor Democrats cared about black people, Mr. Taylor joined the all-black national liberty party and ran as their third party candidate in 1904, challenging incumbent president powerhouse by the way, Theodore osevelt. Most states left him off the ballot because of his color, but he was a powerful symbol of the political strength black people gained in the era following the reconstruction. A very important person in our history. We’ll be right back. A dazzling place I never knew. A new fantastic point of view. No one to tell us no, or where to go. Or say we’re only dreaming. Let me share this whole new world with you. We’d love some help with laundry. Here’s how you do it. Spray and scrub anything with a stain. Soak your nasty Jersey. It stinks! Wash the really dirty clothes separately. Remember – hard work builds character! 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