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Police detained a man who tried to breach airport security in Orlando Video

Transcript for Police detained a man who tried to breach airport security in Orlando

These images just coming in as well. Police say chaos erupted during an arrest at a security checkpoint. Panicked travelers and children racing for the exits. Here’s ABC’s Stephanie Ramos. Reporter: Terrifying moments at Orlando’s international airport when police say a man Ryan mills tried to breach a security checkpoint. Passengers waiting to go through security, instead taking off running, fearing he has a gun. Parents grabbing their babies out of strollers. Knocking down barriers, running Ng for their lives. There’s like a stampede of people running. Me and Andrew hopped the counter to hide in the back of Chick-fil-A. Reporter: TSA officers ushering people to safety. So, everyone just takes flight and everyone’s jumping over each other. I’m trying like to grab parents. Reporter: Police say when they detained the suspect he reached into his pocket, causing the panic. He has a grenade! Or something in his hand. Reporter: Police say the suspect was unarmed, but taken into C Stephanie Ramos joins us. We heard the chaos right there in that video. This all unfolding during one of the busiest times of the day. Police still don’t know why the suspect allegely tried to breach security. That’s exactly right ux Tom. He’s being detained under Florida’s baker act. It allows emotionally disturbed people to be held under observation for three days at mental health treatment facility. Stephanie, thank you. We turn now to the massacre

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